Introduction: An American Critique of Religion

I. White Church, Red Power

Missionaries and the Religious Vacuum (1969)

The Theological Dimension of the Indian Protest Movement (1973)

Religion and Revolution Among American Indians (1974)

Non-Violence in American Society (1974)

The Churches and Cultural Change (1974)

GCSP: The Demons at Work (1979)

II. Liberating Theology

A Violated Covenant (1971)

An Open Letter to the Heads of the Christian Churches in America (1972)

It Is a Good Day to Die (1972)

Escaping from Bankruptcy: The Future of the Theological Task (1976)

On Liberation (1977)

Vision and Community (1990)

III. Worldviews in Collision

Religion and the Modern American Indian (1974)

Native American Spirituality (1977)

Civilization and Isolation (1978)

Christianity and Indigenous Religion: Friends or Enemies? (1987)

IV. Habits of the State

Completing the Theological Circle: Civil Religion in America (1976)

American Indians and the Moral Community (1988)

A Simple Question of Humanity: The Moral Dimensions of the Reburial Issue (1989)

Sacred Lands and Religious Freedom (1991)

Worshipping the Golden Calf: Freedom of Religion in Scalia’s America (1991)

Secularism, Civil Religion, and the Religious Freedom of American Indians (1992)

V. Old Ways in a New World

Introduction to Black Elk Speaks (1979)

The Coming of the People (1979)

Out of Chaos (1985)

Reflection and Revelation: Knowing Land, Places and Ourselves (1991)

Is Religion Possible? An Evaluation of Present Efforts to Revive Traditional Tribal Religions (1992)

Introduction to Vision Quest (1994)

Afterword: Contemporary Confusion and the Prospective Religious Life

Appendix 1: The Missionary in a Cultural Trap (1965)

Appendix 2: From the Archives–December 2, 1504 (1965)